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Drive Longer Distances. Check Your Battery! | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Problems With Your Battery Get a Battery Check Batteries have their life span. When a vehicle is not driven consistently, the battery may lose its charge and stop performing. The heat inside your engine and hot and cold climates will also deteriorate a vehicle’s battery. Under the hood, you will notice an isolated cool spot […]

How To Protect Your Diesel Engine | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Diesel Engines The Workhorse of America Diesel engines are an innovation in transportation. These stallions work by burning fuel inside the engine without the use of a spark plug. Diesel engines use high compression to ignite the fuel in their cylinders. Diesel engines usually have more torque than gasoline-powered vehicles, so they can produce more […]

Periodic and Preventive Maintenance | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Preventative Maintenance for Your Car Keep It Like New To avoid unnecessary auto repairs and produce car longevity, take the time to look over your automobile. The simple things we do on a consistent day-to-day basis can greatly impact our safety and happiness. Checking our tires, lights, wipers, hoses, batteries, and brakes can make all […]

Get Suspension Checks | Round Rock, TX | Rush Automotive

Periodic Suspension Checks Eliminate Expensive Repairs Bumpy roads and potholes are two road hazards that can make your suspension suffer. A periodic suspension check program with a regularly scheduled wheel alignment will minimize suspension repair troubles before they escalate into expensive repairs. suspensionRush Automotive in Round Rock, TX, can help you manage your maintenance program […]

Defensive Driving Saves Drivers Money | Round Rock, TX | Rush Automotive

Defensive Driving Saves Drivers Money Cruise to Better MPG Controlling the throttle saves fuel and boosts miles per gallon. We recommend drivers avoid driving with a heavy foot when they use the accelerator. Another fuel-saving option is using cruise control. If your vehicle has it, use it. The vehicle’s computer delivers the correct fuel to […]

Green with Envy | Round Rock, TX | Rush Automotive

Diesel vs. Gas Work vs. Play Diesel and gas engines have a few similarities, and that’s where the comparative difference stops! Both are combustible engines. Both engines have pistons and a crankshaft to move the vehicle. The defining differential factor is how fuel ignites inside the engine. Diesel engines do not use spark plugs. The […]

Pop the Hood and Turn on Your Wipers! | Leander, TX | Rush Automotive

Simple Preventative Maintenance Monitor Your Vehicle Simple preventive maintenance checks can monitor your vehicle’s most obvious points of interest to avoid being stranded, not stopping correctly, or having the check engine light (CEL) appear on your dashboard. A daily walkaround is a great way to notice any changes in your vehicle. You will notice new […]

Check Your Oil | Leander, TX | Rush Automotive

Oil Symbol is On My Vehicle Has a Temperature Don’t get confused by the regularly scheduled oil reminder symbol versus the oil light coming on. Most likely, your vehicle is low on oil, contaminated or dirty, the oil pump is faulty, damaged, or worn out, or the oil sensor is bad. Either way, when the […]

What to Do if Your Car Won’t Start

If Your Car Won’t Start, Take Steps Based on Your Observations Maybe you’ve been there, or perhaps you’ll find yourself there soon. You turn the key, and uh-oh, your car won’t start. Now what? First, don’t panic. Second, respond based on what you see and/or hear. Third, get your auto repaired at Rush Automotive in […]