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Defensive Driving Saves Drivers Money | Round Rock, TX | Rush Automotive

Defensive Driving Saves Drivers Money

Cruise to Better MPG

Controlling the throttle saves fuel and boosts miles per gallon. We recommend drivers avoid driving with a heavy foot when they use the accelerator. Another fuel-saving option is using cruise control. If your vehicle has it, use it. The vehicle’s computer delivers the correct fuel to travel at a certain speed and maximize the fuel. You can probably read about this fuel-saving tip in your owner’s manual. Just open your glove box and read the manual.

Inside the manual, you may also learn when not to run your air conditioner. If you’re low on fuel, don’t run the AC, it burns fuel. As we’re traveling down the road and focusing on MPG, we must slow down. This fuel-saving technique asks the vehicle’s operator to find the sweet spot in the gas pedal to maximize fuel consumption. The easiest way to find the sweet spot and become a gas saver is to back off the gas pedal and continue to travel at the same speed.

Another tip is to use the highway when possible. Stop-and-go traffic is the most disruptive driving method and uses the most fuel. Driving at a continuous rate of speed and thinking about money is a surefire way to increase your MPG. Another quick tip is to use the correct fuel in your vehicle and never use the green handle at the fueling station. Green is for diesel engines, and diesel fuel in a gasoline-powered vehicle is a hard no. It will clog everything and damage your engine.

Rush Automotive has a little advice on saving money on fuel. Ease up on the gas pedal, turn on cruise control if your vehicle is equipped with this technology, reduce your speed, and travel by highway if possible. Use the correct fuel, drive the speed limit, and optimize your tire pressure.
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