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Protect Your Engine–Quality Oil Change Schedule

Top 3 Benefits to Our Oil Changes

  • You Eliminate Strange Engine Noises
  • You Save Extra Money at the Gas Pump
  • You Extend Your Engine’s Road-Life

There are many benefits to keeping up with your vehicle’s oil changes. The motor oil is the lifeblood of the engine and protects it from excessive wear-and-tear. It’s possible to drive around without ever noticing how badly it needs an oil change. The negative effects of missing an oil change may not be immediately noticeable, but missed oil changes can cause the gradual death of an engine. The consistent oil change schedules that we provide benefit you and your vehicle in many ways. Rush Automotive in Round Rock, TX will consider your vehicle’s age, purposes, and your manufacturer’s recommendations when designing your plan. The above-listed benefits are considered the most important.

Healthy Engines Purr, They Don’t Knock

Well, you get the metaphors anyway. The motor oil serves as a lubricant that prevents the engine’s metal components from colliding, creating friction, and overheating. Anytime these parts are touching each other, they can make strange noises when the engine’s running. These knocking sounds can be solved by an oil change that also cleans the engine of all dirt and debris. Every driver’s favorite benefit is the money that quality oil changes save them. An engine that unnecessarily works harder will burn more fuel and send you back to the gas pump more often. We help you experience your vehicle at its optimal performance and improve your vehicle’s gas mileage efficiency.

Extend Engine Road-Life

Your vehicle’s value is mostly tied up in the condition of its engine. After decades on the road and hundreds of thousands of miles, many engines reach an early retirement. However, these engines did not receive the routine maintenance services they needed to extend their road-life. The most important being the oil change. The oil change is the single most important maintenance service for allowing your engine to run stronger and longer. We help you avoid the damages that engines can suffer from normal road travel. Retain your vehicle’s resale value by protecting the engine with Rush Automotive’s consistent oil change schedules.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today!

Your engine will sound better, save money, and last longer with a frequent oil change from Rush Automotive. Missing too many oil change appointments will ultimately leave you and your vehicle on the side of the road. The goal at our facility is to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as you need it. Many drivers start looking for a new car when they sense their current vehicle’s engine is starting to breakdown. An inconsistent oil change schedule can be a major factor in a vehicle’s longevity. Give us a call today at 512-733-7874 to schedule your next oil change appointment. Feel free to use our convenient online scheduling system to save some time. And next time you’re in the area, just stop on by to meet the team. Bring us any questions, concerns, or service needs! We gladly accept our walk-ins!