Oil Change in Bastrop, TX

Extend Your Vehicle’s Road-Life!--Rush Automotive

Consistent Oil Change Schedules

Time is not your motor oil’s friend because oil is ALWAYs working. And as time passes, it loses viscosity, which is what makes it a perfect lubricant. Viscosity is the property of oil that gives it that smooth syrupy texture, as opposed to a weak and watery liquid. If you let too much time pass without changing your oil, the engine’s metal parts will create friction. Whenever you hear any metal parts colliding like that, it’s a bad sign. Not only is the noise a problem, but it’s gradually doing serious damage to the engine. Missing oil changes is a “slow killer” for your engine but it’s a killer nonetheless. Protect your engine and your vehicle’s overall performance by maintaining a consistent oil change schedule. Rush Automotive in Bastrop, TX prevents vehicles from overworking and overheating by creating an effective oil change schedule specifically for your needs.

Preserve & Protect Your Engine

Owners who keep up with their vehicle’s oil change schedules tend to have stronger engines for a longer time. The oil change is the single most important maintenance for your vehicle because its engine is like its heart. Since the oil is the lifeblood of the engine, you have to make sure your vehicle’s engine is always pumping good quality oil. Good quality means it has the ability to properly lubricate the engine’s metal components. With our oil change schedules, you’ll notice an improvement in gas mileage. Save money at the tank and enhance your driving experiences. Depending on your vehicle’s purposes and your driving habits, you may require shorter intervals between oil changes. Some drivers may need to push their engines a little harder than others. If your truck’s purpose is to carry a lot of loads or do a lot of off-roading, you will need a different schedule than cars with an easy daily commute.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today!–Bastrop Location

As with any maintenance and repairs, it’s all about timing. Let’s take care of that oil change today, so you can have stronger engine tomorrow and beyond. Whether you want to keep your vehicle or not, you’ll want it to retain its resale value. We want you to keep driving your vehicle for as long as you want. But when the engine breaks down, it’s not up to you. Start with a quality oil change that cleans your engine of harmful dirt and debris. Rush Automotive oil change schedules are designed to extend your vehicle’s road-life, enhance overall performance, and make it much more efficient. Give us a call today at to schedule your next oil change appointment. Keep your engine running stronger and longer! Save time by scheduling right now, using our convenient online scheduling system. Pick a day and time that works best for you, and we’ll meet you here at 612 Old Austin Highway Suite B. Next time you’re in the area with an overdue oil change service, feel free to stop on by. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!