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Oil Symbol is On

My Vehicle Has a Temperature

Don’t get confused by the regularly scheduled oil reminder symbol versus the oil light coming on. Most likely, your vehicle is low on oil, contaminated or dirty, the oil pump is faulty, damaged, or worn out, or the oil sensor is bad. Either way, when the oil light comes on, pull over and wait for the vehicle to cool. Once the vehicle is cool, pop the hood and take out the dipstick. Wipe it off, reinsert, and pull it back out. Check the oil level. Suppose it’s low or at a normal level. In that case, you must take your vehicle to Rush Automotive for an oil inspection.

Your Oil Light

PWhen your oil light comes on, it usually means your vehicle is low on oil. Keep this in your thought process. When the oil light comes on, your vehicle’s engine is probably running warmer than usual or hot. A vehicle without sufficient oil may experience a catastrophic event resulting in heavy out-of-pocket expenses, usually at the wrong time
If you notice your oil light is on, you need immediate service. Call Rush Automotive or visit us in Leander, TX.

Strange noises are also a notification that something is wrong with your vehicle. Also, look at all the gauges, especially the temperature gauge. If the vehicle is running hot, the vehicle may not have enough oil to lubricate the engine, which could result in engine damage. This could mean the oil pump is not functioning properly, putting your vehicle at risk for internal damage.
Rush Automotive recommends a preventative maintenance schedule to protect your vehicle. When we see your vehicle regularly, we can fix an issue before it spreads. Don’t let oil neglect turn into automotive problems. Visit Rush Automotive today.

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