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Drive Longer Distances. Check Your Battery! | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Problems With Your Battery

Get a Battery Check

Batteries have their life span. When a vehicle is not driven consistently, the battery may lose its charge and stop performing. The heat inside your engine and hot and cold climates will also deteriorate a vehicle’s battery. Under the hood, you will notice an isolated cool spot where the manufacturer placed the battery. It’s by a cooling design.

Temperatures under your hood are extremely hot, which will cause a battery to lose its charging power. Manufacturers may also place a heat shield over the battery to prevent damage. In the manufacturer’s design, a battery may also have a secure tie-down to prevent the battery from moving during travel.

To be on the safe side, have your battery checked often. If you live in extreme heat or bitter cold environments, pay close attention to the battery and its cranking power. Extreme environments require higher-quality batteries to start the vehicle. Battery checks should occur during oil changes. Check the tires and battery to avoid additional problems and save you the headache of being stranded. Another reason for a battery not to work or hold a charge is for the alternator to steal the battery charge. When this happens, the vehicle will run but not hold a charge. Over time, the vehicle will not be able to start, the battery drains all its life, and a new battery is needed to operate the vehicle.

If a vehicle’s battery sits or the car does not start frequently, it may lose its charge. Rush Automotive recommends that drivers check the battery cables, remove corrosion on top of the positive and negative connections, secure the battery to its landing plate, and check water levels when necessary. If you must leave your vehicle unattended for an extended period, disconnect the battery cables until you return home. You’ll call a neighbor or AAA to get you out of your garage or other location. When your vehicle needs battery, alternator, suspension maintenance, diesel maintenance, diesel repairs, any type of auto repair, an engine inspection, preventative or periodic maintenance, or immediate service, call Rush Automotive. Visit us in Bastrop, TX.

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