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How To Protect Your Diesel Engine | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Diesel Engines

The Workhorse of America

Diesel engines are an innovation in transportation. These stallions work by burning fuel inside the engine without the use of a spark plug. Diesel engines use high compression to ignite the fuel in their cylinders. Diesel engines usually have more torque than gasoline-powered vehicles, so they can produce more horsepower at lower speeds. The fuel is maximized for use, which equals more energy. The fuel is there until it’s needed. One drawback of the diesel engine is that it’s much slower. It can’t match RPM revving like gasoline-powered vehicles can do.

Diesel engines need diesel fuel. Gasoline-powered vehicles may be able to run on diesel, but the filters will get clogged and damage the fuel pump. Diesel engines must run on diesel fuel, period! When the wrong fuel is used in a diesel engine, the emission system may get damaged, and the vehicle may not pass an inspection. Diesel engines and swimming pools have a product in common, stabilizers. The stabilizer protects the diesel fuel when the truck is stored, and the swimming pool stabilizer holds chlorine levels to protect the water from accumulating algae in the summer heat.

Diesel engines are the workhorses of the world. These engines can tolerate higher temperatures and heavier payloads and run three times as long as gasoline-powered engines. With higher temperatures, it’s vital that you keep an eye on coolant levels. As time progresses, coolant turns acidic, destroying other engine components. Ruch Automotive in Round Rock, TX, recommends flushing out your cooling system and having an acidity check simultaneously to prevent engine rot.

Diesel engines push more weight, pull more loads, and run this country. These engines encounter a plethora of debris, including dust, mud, and road grime. The engine must be kept clean. Engine filters, oil, and air filters should be checked and replaced often to keep a diesel engine roaring down our highways and roads.
We recommend changing your oil frequently to keep America or your business running. Check fluid levels daily, check the oil filter, and get a diagnostic check at Rush Automotive. The fuel needs flushing regularly, and a fuel stabilizer will protect the fuel tank.
When your vehicle needs diesel maintenance or diesel repairs, any type of auto repair, an engine inspection, preventative or periodic maintenance, or immediate service, call Rush Automotive or visit us in Bastrop, TX.

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