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Periodic and Preventive Maintenance | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Preventative Maintenance for Your Car

Keep It Like New

To avoid unnecessary auto repairs and produce car longevity, take the time to look over your automobile. The simple things we do on a consistent day-to-day basis can greatly impact our safety and happiness. Checking our tires, lights, wipers, hoses, batteries, and brakes can make all the difference in vehicle longevity. The goal of any vehicle owner should be to have a new vehicle at the end of their financing period to enjoy the benefits of driving a paid-for vehicle. This is possible through preventative and periodic maintenance plans at Rush Automotive. Let’s analyze several ways to increase vehicle longevity and achieve our goal of driving a like-new paid-for vehicle.

Tires affect the ride and suspension, keeping our wheels grounded on the pavement. Bumps and everyday driving jolt shocks, struts, springs, and control arms. It’s wise to keep an eye on the underbelly of our vehicle. The battery is our SA node and delivers electrical impulses throughout our vehicle to initiate the run process. Attached to the battery are cables, and the battery sits in a tray. These pieces need checking periodically to ensure cleanliness and function.

Lubricants are a must-have in our vehicles. Brake and transmission fluids keep our vehicles cool under viscous conditions. Changing these oils is key to maintaining a healthy engine. Brake pads and rotors stop the vehicle, and a periodic brake inspection can impact safe travel.
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