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Pop the Hood and Turn on Your Wipers! | Leander, TX | Rush Automotive

Simple Preventative Maintenance

Monitor Your Vehicle

Simple preventive maintenance checks can monitor your vehicle’s most obvious points of interest to avoid being stranded, not stopping correctly, or having the check engine light (CEL) appear on your dashboard. A daily walkaround is a great way to notice any changes in your vehicle. You will notice new pings, scratches, dents, rust, low tire pressure, leaking fluids, cracked windows, and worn-out wipers. One item most people do not check is the license plate. Is it attached to the vehicle, and are the registration tags up to date?

Rush Automotive recommends maintaining a clean vehicle to look your best on the road. Popping your vehicle’s hood allows you to view the battery and cables, belts, hoses, and fluid levels. Pull out the oil dipstick and check oil levels to notice any contamination in the oil. Also, check windshield wiper fluid levels when the hood is open. Washing your vehicle once a week is a good habit, to get into. Creating a new habit establishes a behavior pattern leading to vehicle health.

Let’s check for functionality, take the daily walkaround a step further, and turn the walkaround into a daily sit-around. Sit in the driver’s seat, open the glove box, and check for insurance, a flashlight, backup sunglasses, and a windshield repair kit. Now turn on the wipers and radio, hit the low and high beams lights, check the blinkers, and emergency flashers, turn signals, look in the rearview and side mirrors, and turn on the heater and air conditioner to check for operational functionality. If they all work, the battery is most likely in good condition. When your vehicle needs preventative maintenance, or if you need immediate service, call Rush Automotive or visit us in Leander, TX.

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