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Get Suspension Checks | Round Rock, TX | Rush Automotive

Periodic Suspension Checks

Eliminate Expensive Repairs

Bumpy roads and potholes are two road hazards that can make your suspension suffer. A periodic suspension check program with a regularly scheduled wheel alignment will minimize suspension repair troubles before they escalate into expensive repairs. suspensionRush Automotive in Round Rock, TX, can help you manage your maintenance program and keep your vehicle in proper working condition.

Tires and how they are aligned make a big impact on your suspension. A misaligned vehicle will place unnecessary stress on springs, shocks, struts, and control arms. The vehicle may pull to one side, or the tires may get airborne from the failure of the shock absorbers to prevent upward forces. This will deny a smooth, safe ride and can be dangerous.

Struts are part of the vehicle’s structure and can cause suspension trouble. You may hear a knocking sound when you go over a speed bump when struts wear out. When the vehicle’s front end encounters a speed bump, the upward forces push the struts past their point of function, causing a knocking sound. Think of a bike pump. When you pull too hard to generate air, the metal oval in the chamber hits the top of the cylinder and makes a knocking sound. When you hear a knocking sound when you hit a speed bump or obstacle in the road, it’s time to visit a Rush Automotive location.

Two more things to remember when you are in doubt about a suspension problem. The first is drifting or pulling to one side of the road. This scenario could be any number of problems, and your best bet is to get into Rush Automotive immediately. The second issue is listing to one side. Listing is when your vehicle sits lower on one side than the other. Think of hydraulics and car bouncing. These specialized vehicles can lower one side of the car to show off their hydraulics and create a street look that is amazing to watch.
When your vehicle needs suspension repair, an inspection, preventative maintenance, or immediate service, call Rush Automotive or visit us in Round Rock, TX.

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