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The Seven Types of Suspensions | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Seven Types of Suspensions Suspension for Race Cars and Buses A suspension consists of springs, shocks, struts, clamps, wishbones, dampers, and links. These suspension parts take a pounding to provide vehicles with stabilization and a smooth ride. The first type of suspension system is a fully dependent suspension. The wheels on either side of an […]

Rush Hour Traffic Alerts | Round Rock, TX | Rush Automotive

The Brake System: Three Main Components Removing the Wheels A brake system inspection usually includes analyzing or inspecting the brake pedal, brake fluid, brake lines, brake assemblies which can be disc or drum brakes, and the parking brake to ensure operational safety and compliance with state laws. When the brake pedal is inspected, three components […]

Car Enthusiasts Get Rushed | Leander, TX| Rush Automotive

Failed Emissions Tests Mileage Matters Some bad or failing oxygen sensor symptoms include failed emissions tests, flashing or illuminated CEL (check engine light), misfiring, rough idling or stalling, poor fuel economy, black exhaust fumes, and sulfur or a rotten egg smell. You need immediate service if you notice a rotten egg smell or your check […]