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The Seven Types of Suspensions | Bastrop, TX | Rush Automotive

Seven Types of Suspensions

Suspension for Race Cars and Buses

A suspension consists of springs, shocks, struts, clamps, wishbones, dampers, and links. These suspension parts take a pounding to provide vehicles with stabilization and a smooth ride. The first type of suspension system is a fully dependent suspension. The wheels on either side of an axle connected to the other. Impacts and forces affect each wheel with the same effect. The fully dependent suspension system had an advantage, weight carrying capacity. Today, you will find a dependent suspension system on buses, large trucks, and other commercial vehicles.
An independent suspension system is considered the best type for cars and passenger trucks. Each wheel independently connects to the vehicle. Each wheel can absorb punishment. When the right front tire encounters a pothole, the right front tire absorbs the forces. The other three tires are unaffected by the pothole.

The McPherson Strut is an independent suspension system that uses a coil spring placed over a strut that absorbs vibrations and forces. This innovation has been in use for almost 100 years.
The Double Wishbone Suspension is in high-performance sports cars. It provides an added level of protection for high-speed velocity racing and cornering. The Double Wishbone system uses a pair of wishbone-shaped arms to connect the wheels of the body to the vehicle. The control lies along two axles. It’s like a McPherson strut with the addition of a connection point.
The airbag suspension uses an air pump powered by electricity or the vehicle’s engine to inflate rubber bellows at each wheel. Rubber bellows are airbags. Airbags replace springs in a suspension system. This suspension type can be in luxury vehicles such as Cadillac, Ford, and Mercedes Benz. This suspension may also be in trucks and buses. Semi-Independent suspension is mainly in rear-wheel drive vehicles. It’s known as a twist beam or torsion beam suspension. A link between two tires on either side of the axle provides mobility to increase control and safety.

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