What You Need to Know About Your Check Engine Light

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What You Need to Know About Your Check Engine Light

Pay Attention, But Don’t Panic

If your auto’s check engine light comes on, you should pay attention and get assistance soon, but you don’t have to panic. Your car isn’t likely to stall in the next block or spontaneously combust before you get home. It’s safe to continue driving until you reach Rush Automotive in Round Rock, Texas. Once there, our ASE-certified technicians are well prepared to assist you. We’ll check out the problem, discuss it with you, and make the repair that will fix the pesky little light. Better yet, we back our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile guarantee.

Most Common Causes of Check Engine Light Illumination

Even though we’ll need to check your vehicle to pinpoint the specific trigger of the check engine warning, there are a handful of underlying causes that are culprits. Some issues are fairly simple and are, therefore, easy fixes. Surprising to some drivers, the gas cap could be the problem. If it’s loose or poorly fitting, it can cause a detectable fuel system breach that causes the light to come on. What’s more, it can allow fuel to evaporate, costing you more to drive. Also, a weak battery can trigger the alert. A battery change is not a difficult repair to make. Other problems take a few minutes longer to fix, but they’re commonplace and not difficult. For example, a failing mass airflow sensor or oxygen sensor can make the light display its warning. Aging spark plugs or damaged spark plug wires can do the same. The trouble may also be a vacuum leak. Your automobile has multiple vacuum lines. Even a small crack or hole opens the system, creaking a leak that your vehicle can detect. More complex issues include a failing catalytic converter in the exhaust system, a clogged EGR (emissions gas recirculation) valve, and even an ailing transmission.

Diagnosing What Underlies the Illuminated Check Engine Light

When you bring in your car with the check engine light illuminated, one of our experienced mechanics will connect it to an OBD-II reader. This will provide a universal trouble code, an indicator of what area the technician should check in greater detail. Then, they will use experience and knowledge to narrow down the categorical problem to the specific issue that needs fixing. You can count on Rush Automotive to get the trouble corrected, the light turned off, and your car back on the road soon.

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