What Causes Wheel Alignment and Tire Problems?

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What Causes Wheel Alignment and Tire Problems?

What Seems Like Nothing Could Be Something

Before you know the importance and impact of wheel alignment and related tire problems, maybe you’re secretly wondering, “Who cares?” Although that might be a rhetorical question to expect no answer, the reality is that you should. A vehicle that’s out of proper alignment can create multiple problems. First, it won’t handle as well. This could put you, your passengers, and even other drivers or bystanders at risk because you lack adequate ability to control your automobile. Also, the trouble will probably get increasingly expensive to fix if it’s left unaddressed. That’s because poor alignment can lead to other suspension component damage. Further, it ruins your tires by promoting uneven wear, necessitating replacement sooner than you planned. Before these things happen, bring your vehicle to Rush Automotive in Bastrop, Texas.

The Underlying Causes of Wheel Alignment and Tire Troubles

What once seemed to have been a fairly minor encounter may turn out to be the underlying cause of poor alignment. For example, if you hit a nasty, deep pothole or smaller holes repeatedly over time, your wheels may no longer be aligned. The same is true if you slammed into a speed bump you failed to see in time or were involved in a fender bender. What’s more, if some of your suspension components are worn, they may allow other parts to wear, placing more stress on other areas in a snowball effect. Tires, too, can suffer. Poor alignment leads to uneven wear. While plenty of tread is left in some areas, others may be bald. Another factor they can mimic poor alignment is the underinflation of tires. Insufficient air pressure can make your auto pull to one side or the other.

Keeping Your Car Handling Well and Safely

Proper wheel alignment and tire condition are critical for your car’s performance and safety. When you bring in your vehicle for a wheel alignment, our ASE-certified technicians will use the proper equipment to assess your auto accurately. If the car is not aligned correctly, our experienced staff will connect the vehicle to a rack with a computer connected to the auto near each wheel. Computerized equipment facilitates precise measurements. The suspension is gently pushed and pulled until the car is brought back within the manufacturer’s accepted tolerances. Even if you haven’t had a suspension-related event or observed any signs of misalignment (pulling to one side, steering poorly, etc.), it’s a good idea to have your car’s suspension checked periodically. For this and all your wheel alignment needs, you can count on Rush Automotive.

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