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Live Your Brake Life and Saves Lives |Leander, TX | Rush Automotive

How to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

Keep Texas and Yourself Safe

Good brakes are a necessity. They prevent your vehicle from smashing into other vehicles and stationary objects. Rush Automotive recommends reducing your speed and following distances to extend your brake life. Avoiding hard braking will add miles to your bake. This defensive driving technique also reduces driver fatigue and stress.

When driving on inclines, declines, and on mountainous roads, try using a lower gear, not your brakes, to reduce your speed. Professional truck drivers use this technique to reduce friction and avoid the runaway ramps you see on dangerous swaths of highways. One of the best methods to live the brake life is to participate in a brake maintenance program. The experts at Rush Automotive can look at your wheels, brakes, rotor, drums, and brake lines and check the brake fluid and the master cylinder to ensure a safe ride in all driving conditions and climates.

Another factor that is associated with professional truck drivers is cargo weight. Heavy loads are difficult to stop in short distances. The load can shift when you pull heavy loads, and the weight distribution can put enormous stress on the brakes. Think of a locomotive, a train, and how long it takes for that beast to slow down and stop. Don’t be a freight train barreling down the tracks, be the safe driver who gets insurance discounts.

One of the best ways to add life to your brakes and live the brake life is to practice defensive driving. Always assume the other driver cannot see you changing lanes and keep a safe distance between vehicles. Make sure you know your surroundings and always have a way out in case an accident occurs in your proximity. Try to avoid driving next to big rigs and vehicles with heavy payloads. They can’t always see you, need to merge quickly at times on short notice, and can blow a tire leaving you vulnerable with no way out. If your vehicle needs brake repair, preventative maintenance, or immediate service, call Rush Automotive.

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