Why You Should Check Your Brake System

How Sure Are You That Your Brakes Will Work Properly? A lot of emphasis is placed on making vehicles go, but isn’t it more critical that they stop? Your safety (and that of everyone else) depends on the integrity of your braking system. When seconds and feet of stopping distance count, would you be willing […]

What Causes Wheel Alignment and Tire Problems?

What Seems Like Nothing Could Be Something Before you know the importance and impact of wheel alignment and related tire problems, maybe you’re secretly wondering, “Who cares?” Although that might be a rhetorical question to expect no answer, the reality is that you should. A vehicle that’s out of proper alignment can create multiple problems. […]

What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Oil?

An Oil Change Isn’t Such A Big Deal, Right? Oil change is a relatively simple preventive maintenance procedure, so it’s not such a big deal. Right? Actually, that’s wrong. And if you neglect your engine’s need for oil change, that decision could be dead wrong–as in your engine may no longer be “alive” and usable. […]